Foodie*ish is a food blog…

It is headed up by me:


Hi! My name is Glory, and his name is Ryan

I cook real food. Family food. Without pretension, and with a bit of snark for good measure.

Foodie*ish is my happy place. It combines my sarcastic sense of humor with my adventures in the kitchen. I would have called it “Fun With Food” but that domain name cost $25K.

And really, foodie*ish sort of sums up my perspective when it comes to the kitchen.

I like making tasty food, sometimes even nice looking food…

Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza

I also sometimes make tasty, yet kind of nasty looking food…

fajita burrito

Notice I didn’t even put my logo on that one. If some scrapper on the internet wants to steal it, be my guest. Because that is not how food on a food blog should look… Like a giant pterodactyl plopped on it from high above. But hey… It was friggin’ delicious. pterodactyl plop and all.


I am not a gourmet chef, and wouldn’t exactly say my cooking perspective is refined.  I don’t take culinary tours, or subscribe to Cooks Illustrated – although my mom does, and has forced her molecular gastronomy on me on more than one happy occasion (vodka in pie crusts (Yeah, baby!!) and sodium citrate in Mac and Cheese are two examples). So before all the self-proclaimed foodies come after me banging their shrimp forks on their sous vides… I get it. And I appreciate it. And I occasionally practice it. But, for the most part, I cook real food for regular ol’ people with regular ol’ palates. And I appreciate all that foodieism brings to the culinary world. I just don’t fit in with that crowd. Rather, I’m foodie*ish.


Don’t get me wrong… I am passionate about food. But I also make mistakes, which I share for your comic relief because I’m not perfect. No home cook is, (no matter what their blogs try to portray… we all screw up sometimes).  And the recipes I share are an amalgam of stuff… sometimes they’re healthy, sometimes they decidedly are not. Sometimes they’re low-carb, or vegetarian, or carnivorous, or childish. Sometimes they are things even your foodie friends would give a nod to. Sometimes, they’d turn up their noses.

I break the rules with reckless abandon… will I put the cover on a pan when sauteing chicken? Don’t even think I won’t! I sometimes use prepared foods (like canned soups or jarred sauces) in creating my dishes (gasp!!). I use salted butter even when recipes call for unsalted (you mi lady, are a badass), and I will roast a chicken like a boss without trussing it (oh, no she di’int!). And that’s okay because I’m not a foodie. I’m foodie*ish.


Foodie*ish is laid back. It’s the antithesis of fussy. Instead, I often make do with what I’ve got on hand. And making do can result in really creative, really yummy, really rewarding food. And those are the recipes I share here on Foodie*ish. I love being challenged to make the most out of my pantry… to find creative solutions to dinnertime dilemmas. And most of all, I just love to cook.

Real Food. Good Food. No Pretension.


I LOVE the community that blogs bring. So please, by all means engage me! Use the comment section, shoot me an email (Hi@foodieish.com), or hang out with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. And by all means, subscribe to our email updates so you don’t miss a thing. And SHARE your foodie*ish creations with me!

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